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100% Alpaca Mecates

T3 Weavers LLC

T3 Weavers LLC is located in Colorado owned by Wade and Marianne Truitt.  We have been in business for 20 years and make all of our 100% alpaca mecates and horse reins in our shop.  Any rope pattern that is found on our site can be made into a trail rein, split rein, get down and 2 reins.  Choose from 200+ pattern combinations.

About Us

T3 Weavers LLC is a family-owned business created and run by Wade and Marianne Truitt in 2001. They are located in the High Plains of Colorado in a small town called Elbert where they enjoyed a quiet ranch life and raised their daughter, Alex. As artist and craftsmen, T3Weavers LLC worked on developing their skills over the next ten years. In the beginning years, Wade and Marianne worked to dev...

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