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About Us

T3 Weavers LLC is a family-owned business created and run by Wade and Marianne Truitt in 2001. They are located in the High Plains of Colorado in a small town called Elbert where they enjoyed a quiet ranch life and raised their daughter, Alex.

As artist and craftsmen, T3Weavers LLC worked on developing their skills over the next ten years. In the beginning years, Wade and Marianne worked to develop a method that would create a rug with the thickness/density that they were looking for. As rug weavers, it is hard to find a fellow weaver that will share their techniques. Because of this, all of Wade and Marianne's skills have been self-taught, making their work especially unique. 

T3 Weavers LLC started learning the art of rope making. Now, their shop produces a full line of alpaca hair horse mecates, split reins, loop reins, and saddle blankets.  Adding the saddle blankets to our business was an exciting challenge. For many years, we tested our blankets to make sure that our weavings not only functioned as working blankets and would stand up to everyday use and also be beautiful enough for the show ring.

T3 Weavers has a full weaving studio. As a small business starting out in a tool shed - they have grown to a 2000 sq. ft studio with four large looms, small looms for sampling, rope runs and yarn rooms. T3 offers handwoven rugs, saddle blankets, mecates, split and roping reins, sofa throws and yarn. They are also now in the research and development stage for leather products. All the work is done on-site ensuring the highest product quality. 

T3 Weavers LLC have always operated out of the box. They take great enjoyment in learning and building their skills by struggling through the "process". As self-taught artists, there have been a lot of ups and downs. Through the entire process, they had one end goal in mind: creating a business that is known for its attention to quality and creativity. Wade and Marianne always have and always will stand behind their products and craftsmanship. T3 Weavers LLC feel that there is no better way to promote ourselves than through our customers. 

"Weaving the Past into the Future"

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